Windows 10 19H2 Airlock Premium

Windows 10 is a movement of PC working systems conveyed by Microsoft as a segment of its Windows NT gathering of working structures. It is the substitution to Windows 8.1, and was conveyed to collecting on July 15, 2015, and to retail on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 gets new conveyances on a constant reason, which are available at no additional cost to customers. Contraptions in large business conditions can get these updates at an all the more sluggish speed, or use long stretch help accomplishments that simply get essential updates, for instance, security patches, over their ten-year future of expanded help.


╔➛Modified ISO :- Windows.10.Airlock.Premium.v5.2019.Permantly.Activated

╠➛Build:- 19H2–18363.418

╠➛File Size:- 3.86 GB ( bytes)

╠➛Architecture:- 64bit

╠➛Developer:- MicroSoftAuthor:WhiteDeath

╠➛Author:- WhiteDeath

╠➛Release Date:- June 09 , 2019

╠➛Author:- WhiteDeath

╠➛Features Enabled:- 3.5 netframework

╠➛Compression:- ESD

╠➛Convert Mode:- Install.wim<Install.esd


╠➛SHA-1:- 6dacfd40cecd9c99f794f34eaa21290bd66693b1

╠➛Language:- English

╚➛Activation:- Permantly Activation( Generate Digital License) v62.01

Changed STUFFS

New Installation Setup/establishment and faster

New Theme Visual Theme :Airlock Red Premium Edition 2019

New Sounds: Airlock Premium Edition 2019

New Wallpaper: Airlock Premium Edition 2019

Icons:iPack Red Firefly

New Cursor Set: Airlock Premium Edition 2019

New Start Button

Winver Logo : Stay identical to the previous one (201cool1.gif



StartIsBack 2.8.9

OldNewExplorer 1.8.4

Uxtheme Patcher 3.6.2


Quick Access Changed to This PC

CMD:80% Transperacy

╔➛ * Processor: At least 1 GHz or SoC

╠➛ * RAM: 2 GB or more

╠➛ * Hard circle space: 20 GB

╠➛ * Video Card: DirectX version 9 or higher with the WDDM 1.0 driver

╚➛ * Display: 800 x 600 bits.

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